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  1. S O C I A L M E D I A | a blessing and a curse. In clinic, daily, without fail I hear about the negative impact that social media has to play on someone's mental health. Last week, one teen that I see described how scrolling through her social media feed had triggered thoughts of inadequacy, fuelled her low self worth and ultimately led to her engaging in self-harm. Viewing 'perfect life' after 'perfect life' led her to question the value of her own. We spoke at length about the fact that she is in control of her feed, the curator of her own content. We spoke about the concept of the highlight reel, that social media only ever allows a snapshot of someone's life and the result, we only showcase the positives. Now clearly continuing to follow such accounts would only confound how she was feeling. The solution? 1️⃣Unfollow those accounts that lead to you questioning your self worth or value. It is one thing to be inspired and motivated by an account and its content but quite another to feel intimidated and unworthy. 2️⃣Stop the mindless scrolling. You know the times when your watching TV, shovelling your dinner down? Instead schedule in your social media time as bursts throughout the day. 3️⃣ Avoid the social media wake up alarm. Stop reaching for your phone and scrolling through your socials as soon as you get up. Chances are that if you come across an image or caption that makes you feel inadequate first thing in the morning, it will set the tone for the rest of your day. Instead? Do something positive for yourself when you first get up. Treat yourself to a decent breakfast, a nice coffee, take your time to get ready unplugged.4️⃣ Still struggling? Think about taking an extended social media holiday.Delete the apps from your phone to avoid temptation or temporarily inactivate accounts. #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #mentalwellbeing #mentalhealthawareness #healthymind #mum #dad #womenshealth #menshealth #childhealth #healthymindhealthybody #wellness #motherhood #fatherhood #mumlife #dadsofinstagram #healthblog #healthymind #mind #healthy #blogger #parent #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #lifestyle #wellbeing #sunday  #socialmediabreak #socialmedia
  2. G E N D E R I D E N T I T Y | watching @thexfactor and touched by @felixjshepherd performance whose personal story makes his journey here all the more special. He shared the fact that he is transgender; born as Emily and now living life as Felix. In clinic, I see children as young as 15 who identify themselves as the opposite sex. It is an incredibly long and distressing journey for many, often with long assessments and referral processes ahead of them. There are so many misconceptions from family, friends and the general public; the most common in my experience being that it is a confusion around sexuality. That is simply not the case. I dedicate an entire chapter within my book to gender identity. It is not something that is spoken about enough and it is important that we raise awareness of how distressing it can be for men and women who don't identify as the sex they were born into. They can seriously struggle with their mental health, with rates of self harm and suicide being particularly rife in this group. #genderidentity #transgender #xfactor #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #mentalwellbeing #mentalhealthawareness #healthymind #mum #dad #womenshealth #menshealth #childhealth #healthymindhealthybody #wellness #motherhood #fatherhood #mumlife #dadsofinstagram #healthblog #healthymind #mind #healthy #blogger #parent #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #lifestyle #wellbeing #saturday
  3. T H E F A C T S | I see children as young as 7 in clinic who struggle with OCD. The term OCD has become a part of our everyday language. We use it when we want to refer to ourselves or somebody else as being really organised, liking things to be a certain way or overly hygienic. It is something that we can often use to poke fun at someone 'you're so OCD' or 'stop being so OCD'. But did you know that OCD can actually be a severely disabling condition? There are so many myths about it but in short, OCD is a form of anxiety disorder. The person normally describes intrusive thoughts, thoughts that come into their head against their will that make them distressed and anxious this bit is called the obsession. So someone's obsessive thought might be that they are going to die of some incurable illness. They get that thought over and over again and have no control over it. To try to counter the thought, they may carry out a ritual such as cleaning ritualistically and repeatedly -this bit is the compulsion. It can get to a stage that the compulsions take longer and longer to complete each time. Say someone interrupts them mid ritual this may mean they land up repeating them from the start. This can impact on things like their relationships, family life, social and working life. #ocd #ocdawareness #mentalhealth #mentalwellness #mentalwellbeing #mentalhealthawareness #healthymind #mum #dad #womenshealth #menshealth #childhealth #healthymindhealthybody #wellness #motherhood #fatherhood #mumlife #dadsofinstagram #healthblog #healthymind #mind #healthy #blogger #parent #teachersofinstagram #teacherlife #lifestyle #wellbeing #saturday
  4. B E W A R Y | as a professional who has embraced social media for all its positives, mainly using themindmedic platform to share my expertise and knowledge on all things mental health in an accessible/practical way, I am also really concerned by the rise of the 'Instagram Specialists'. The #selfcare hashtag is seemingly everywhere and the advice, well there is no accountability for it. You want advice from a PT, take advice from a practicing qualified PT, nutritional advice a qualified nutritionist/dietitian, psychological advice, psychologist, skin care advice a Consultant Dermatologist.Every day in clinic, I see the product of bad advice where young people have chosen to take advice from an unqualified reality TV star, health and wellness 'coach' or a professional with very limited experience or expertise in the field they are talking about. This really concerns me. Our mental health impacts on every function of our living, breathing life, from the moment we wake up, to our eating and sleeping patterns to our mood to more seriously how we view our self (body image, self worth) to our purpose in life and whether we wish to carry on living it. It is serious stuff.  It has taken me 10 years to be a Consultant; 8 years of that was specifically training within the field of mental health and psychiatry. So next time you see someone giving you advice, don't be scared to check their credentials. And NEVER trust anyone giving you bespoke, individual advice across social media; they have never met you or appropriately assessed you(please see disclaimer for more info). All professionals generally are registered with a governing body. The GMC oversees all the doctors in this country. You can check the credentials of your doctor, how long they have been qualified for and whether they are on the specialist register i.e have they undergone several years of training in a particular field. Similarly other professionals, PTs, nutritionists and dietitians will be protected by a similar framework. #anxiety #stress #healthymind #health #healthy #wellbeing #wellness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalwellbeing #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #friday
  5. T R A F F I C L I G H T T O K E N S | ever walk into a shared office or a classroom and sense an atmosphere before anyone has even uttered a word? Could you pick out someone who was struggling in a shared office environment of 50 staff or a school dinner hall of 100+ What about a busy household?Sometimes the person who is struggling the most is the most quiet. It may be that your entire workforce are feeling stretched but have no way to convey that emotion to you without the fear that they will be judged, overseen for a big project or worse still let off. The traffic light token idea was borne out of me hearing struggles of teachers, school staff, sports coaches, employers, team managers and leaders to name but a few struggling to take stock of how their team as a whole were functioning. Even families going through hardships had no real structures in place that would allow them to have a quick visual indicator of how the family unit were getting on without having to ask. Often when we are rushed for time, feeling the demands of a busy day it can edge further down our priorities. So how does it work?? Each member of the family/team/classroom are given 3 tokens, a red one, a yellow one and a green one at the start of the day/start of the session. The family or team agree what each colour stands for: red can be it is a tough day or I'm feeling snowed under, yellow can be I'm feeling stressed but I am coping and green being I'm managing and today is a good day. The employee or pupil or family member is encouraged to put their token in the tumbler/container that most corresponds to how they feel. This allows at the end of the morning, the end of a lesson, the end of a day, the end of a game for the employer, the parent whoever it may be to take stock and for it to spark a conversation from there and to re-evaluate. In the next instapost I will talk about strategic conversations that can come about from the traffic light tokens!#workplacementalhealth#wheresyourheadat #healthymind #mind#healthyworkforce #mentalhealth#mentalwellbeing #health #wellbeing#healthylifestyle #lifestyle#mentalhealthawareness #Friday #mother #father #parent #teachersofinstagram
  6. M E N S M E N T A L H E A L T H | does this headline from the @guardian surprise you? We have come some way when it comes to male mental health. Our men, and certainly I see young men struggle daily with clinical depression, anxiety, eating disorders, psychosis, post-traumatic stress and grief to name but a few conditions. I see young men who may not necessarily have a diagnosis but who struggle emotionally for a particular moment, a particular reason or a particular time. Perhaps something has happened in their life, loss of a partner, loss of a job that can explain their symptoms. Having a baby is a huge, life changing, momentous chapter in many people's lives. I know from my experience I struggled as 3/4 of women do, with the baby blues. I looked upon my husband as a pillar of strength during a time that felt nerve wracking, uncertain and guilt ridden for me. It is only now, a few years down the line when I can even begin to understand how the whole process affected him, the 'need to be the strong one' when our little girl made countless trips to A&E, the guilt of going out to work and leaving us for long periods of time, the frustration with our enduring 5 month colic battle and the having to share his wife with his child who is fully dependent on her, on him. For some men, these blues symptoms can escalate. For some men, they may struggle with symptoms of clinical depression which at the severe end of the spectrum can have them experience thoughts to harm themselves or to even end it all.#postnataldepression #menshealth #anxiety #stress #anxietymanagement #healthymind #health #healthy #wellbeing #wellness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalwellbeing #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthymindhealthybody #thursday #thursdaythoughts
  7. T I P S | feeling anxious? Struggling to work out why or keep on top of things? Here are my top tips that I use in clinic 1️⃣complete your day in the life of exercise, what is your baseline and how has it changed. Start to keep a mood diary, even if this is only for a few days,are there any clear triggers or patterns? 2️⃣think lifestyle factors, cut out caffeine even if it is just a cup a day, reduce your alcohol consumption and knock those energy drinks on the head 3️⃣ clean up your sleep. Go to bed the same time each night and wake up the same time each morning, even on a weekend. Practice this every night for a couple of weeks, be consistent and you will see a difference 4️⃣incorporate some regular exercise into your day whether it is a walk around the block, a PE class or a gym workout. 5️⃣practice some mindfulness. I share ideas on deep breathing, square breathing and focusing on your senses particularly if you are experiencing a panic attack 6️⃣put together an anxiety toolbox. Sometimes in the heat of the moment, when you are feeling anxious it is hard to think about what helps de-stress you and makes you feel calm, a toolbox creates a good go-to for this 7️⃣ invest in a fidget toy, a stress ball or even some bubble wrap to have to hand to channel some of that nervous energy 8️⃣ book an appointment with yourself. Make sure you schedule in time out for yourself. Being busy has become a badge of honour and an unhelpful one at that.9️⃣Try out a traffic light at home or score your anxiety 🔟 if your anxiety persists and is getting in the way of your family, friendships and working life or if you are finding you are managing your anxiety with alcohol, drugs or via self harm and/or are experiencing suicidal ideation due to difficulties in coping, it is time to seek urgent support from a trained health care professional so that you can be assessed. #anxiety #stress #anxietymanagement #healthymind #health #healthy #wellbeing #wellness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalwellbeing #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthymindhealthybody #thursday #thursdaythoughts
  8. E V E R Y L I T T L E H E L P S | at the risk of sounding like a supermarket slogan, this amazing initiative by @tomchapman_hair @thelionsbarbers is proof of just that. Thank you @gq @britishgq for covering this. Opening up the barber's chair in a way that no-one has before. #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #menshealth #dadsofinstagram #healthylifestyle #wednesday #wednesdaythoughts #todayspaper
  9. O U T N O W | if you have grabbed this month's @womenshealthuk magazine with the wonderfully inspiring @katiepiper_ you may spot a familiar face. In great company with the fabulous @anjalimahto @sophiegraceholmes I am particularly loving my 'mental health activist' slash! It features as part of their 'Doctritionist' feature with quotes from the wonderful @thefoodmedic @doctors_kitchen @drchatterjee @theguthealthdoctor Also don't forget to check the Strong Mind section where this month I talk about the mental health impact of unexplained infertility. Pick up your copy on newsstands now.#mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #womenshealth #tuesday #tuesdaylunch
  10. B A C K T O I T | with thousands of children, parents and teachers up and down the country prepping to go back to school tomorrow after a long summer break, the feeling of first day nerves are palpable. Perhaps you know a child who struggles with school at the best of times, perhaps the holidays for you has confirmed your worst suspicion that something might be going on for your child emotionally- something that was masked by the structure of the school routine? Perhaps you are worried that your child will struggle to make it through the first hour, let alone the first day? Within my @stella_telegraph article yesterday, I mention the importance of checking in with your child emotionally, regularly. Why don't you get started by creating your own mental health traffic light system at home? Get the whole family involved. Create arrows for each member of the family. Stick your lights on the fridge and have a gauge on the emotional temperature in your family home and encourage open conversations around this early.It is a simple tool that is as simple to introduce into the classroom.#mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #monday #backtoschool
  11. T O W I E | @tommy_mallet what a brave and inspiring use of your platform, speaking openly on tonight's @towie episode on your struggles with mental health. Suicide still remains the biggest killer in our young men. I hope your strength to open up about your own struggles so publicly helps a plethora of young men who are yet to find their voice.#mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #towie #tommymallet #sunday #sundaynight
  12. B A C K T O S C H O O L | pick up a copy of @telegraph @stella_telegraph where I discuss drawbridge parenting and share my top tips for spotting when your child or the rest of the family may be struggling emotionally. #pullupthedrawbridge #thetelegraph #sundaytelegraph #dontbuyherflowers #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #sunday #sundaymorning #sundaypaper
  13. I N T R O | For those of you who are new to following me, I'm Sarah, a Consultant Psychiatrist and Mum of one. I am also the author of 'Mental Health in Children and Young People' and contribute a monthly column to @womenshealthuk as part of their Strong Mind section. I want to make information on mental health more accessible. I am passionate about raising the public's awareness of mental health issues, empowering anyone to spot signs that they or someone they know, a family member, a friend, a child, a work colleague or even a random passer by are struggling with their mental health. More than that, I want to share practical tips that I use in my clinical practice to help you help yourselves and help other people. Photo Credit @photopaulc #facefear. #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #mentalhealthawareness #the5sensestoolkit #the5sensesplan #saturday #saturdaymorning
  14. R O Y A L M A I L | not every day that you get a letter from HRH Duke of Sussex @kensingtonroyal @heads_together #royalmail #mentalwellbeing #mentalhealth #healthymind #headstogether #friday #royalsealofapproval #fridaynight
  15. W O R K P L A C E | we have heard the welcome news that the Duke of Cambridge is launching an initiative looking at mental health in the workplace with @mindcharity and @heads_together This is something that I have used my platform to talk about and similarly share some tips on. I am a huge advocate of honesty, particularly when it comes to mental health in the workplace. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed with looming deadlines would you feel brave enough to approach your boss about it or would the fear of being overseen for a promotion, your capability questioned or even be let off prove all too much for you? One of the things I have learnt is quite often the fear of having a 'conversation about mental health in the workplace' is as much a fear for your employer as it is for you. This is why I developed my 3 Ws and H for conversations in the workplace. An example: it may be that your boss has given you an extra project to manage and it has made you feel more stressed and anxious which is impacting on your ability to concentrate and focus on the tasks you have at hand, it is affecting your sleep, you have no time to join your team for lunch which is ultimately affecting your morale and you are the last to leave the office and are barely getting any down time before you sleep (well atleast try to!) and repeat. So approach your boss. Sit down together. Tell them WHAT they can help you with, be specific! 'I am feeling overwhelmed with the latest project you have given me. I am able to manage the initial task but i feel the second has stretched me too thin' then identify WHO can help you with this? Perhaps you have identified someone that could jump on board with the second project or you and your employer can think of an alternative person to help out, thirdly HOW can they help you? They can help you by project managing the second and lastly WHY would it help. It would help because it would free you up to manage just the initial project then review!#wwhw #whowhathowwhy #positivity #bepositive #positive #pma #fitness #nutrition #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #health #healthy #healthymind #mind #mindfulness #eatwell #sleepwell #friday
  16. E N E R G Y D R I N K S B A N | welcome news on the governments restrictions on energy drinks in children and young people. Everyday without fail, I see children with low mood, anxiety symptoms (racing heart, feeling fidgety and restless) and difficulties sleeping present in clinic. This may be a new experience for them or it may have got worse recently if they are known to struggle with those symptoms in the first place. I ALWAYS ask about caffeine consumption, specifically about energy drink consumption. Some kids I see are drinking upwards of 5 cans/day of the stuff that would be enough to make anyone feel more than a little rotten!Even before I consider what alternative therapies are available for symptoms I ask them to cut down and then stop drinking these high sugared, high caffeine foodstuffs and what do you know...their symptoms settle down and completely resolve. I am not saying this is true for every young person struggling with mental health difficulties but from my experience it makes sense that copious amounts of caffeine and sugar will feign a racing heart of anxiety, crashes of mood in mood disorders, difficulty sleeping from mood and anxiety disorders to name but a few.#mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #teacher #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #energydrinks #mentalhealthawareness #themindmedic #energydrinkban #anxiety #stress #keepcalm #thursday
  17. S T I G M A | if ever we needed proof that we are a long way from destigmatising mental illness: enter exhibit A. Posted in response to @loosewomen and Kim Woodburn being pushed to leave the set due to a torrent of verbal abuse. In fact Loose Women assured viewers that she was getting support from an after care team. For the record @iamshanenolan people with emotional or mental health issues are not 'fruit loops'. If you truly stand by your very quick apology for any offence caused by this tweet, you would take it down. . #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #teacher #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #the5sensestoolkit #mentalhealthawareness #themindmedic #selfharmrecovery #anxiety #stress #keepcalm #wednesday #stigma
  18. S E L F H A R M | Full video on my Insta TV. With recent headlines talking about self harm, I have filmed a quick 10 minute video with some practical tips on how to support a young person who self harms. There is a lot of noise in the media about statistics but ultimately we should be providing solutions and strategies. We know the state of our mental health services across the age span, this has been the case, certainly throughout all of my training.  #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #teacher #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #the5sensestoolkit #mentalhealthawareness #themindmedic #selfharmrecovery #anxiety #stress #keepcalm #wednesday
  19. S E L F H A R M | whether it is a rise in self-harm or that young people are coming forward and sharing their difficulties with it more, the fact remains I am certainly seeing a lot of young people, boys and girls that struggle with this on a daily if not multiple times a day basis. Barriers to sharing self harm with a friend, adult, teacher or parent include the shame, the fear that they will be judged or reprimanded for it and the guilt that they will upset someone. It is important to remember that whilst it can be incredibly distressing to find out that your child is self harming, this is a way of them expressing their distress or coping with quite difficult emotions. It might be impossible for them to put into words exactly how they are feeling. They may feel numb and the act of self harm enables them to feel anything other than nothing. If you find out that a child is self harming the most important thing to do initially is to stay calm and non-judgemental. As difficult as it may be, you need to convey to your child that you can emotionally take on whatever they choose (if anything) to share with you. Even if they don't initially, you send a strong message to them that it is something you are open and comfortable talking about. #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #teacher #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #the5sensestoolkit #mentalhealthawareness #themindmedic #selfharmrecovery #anxiety #stress #keepcalm #wednesday
  20. B U Y | With 75% of all mental health conditions commencing before the age of 24 it seems more important than ever that we focus our energies on this critical period and become equipped to spot the signs early. Early intervention reduces the impact in later life. #healthymind #health #healthy #wellbeing #wellness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalwellbeing #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthymindhealthybody #childhealth #mumsofinsta #dadsofinstagram #parentingishard #tuesday #tuesdaythoughts #bts2018 #backtoschool
  21. S L E E P T I G H T | it's true that a good night's sleep can mask a multitude of sins. Poor sleep is one of the most common complaints that I see in clinic; from the difficulty getting off to sleep, to the waking up 1,2,3 times in the night to the dreaded 5am insomnia. Often lack of sleep can mimic symptoms of clinical mental health conditions, low mood, irritability, lacking in energy, difficulty concentrating, sound familiar (depression). My top tips to getting some shut eye? First rule is being consistent! Don't expect to undo years of poor sleep hygiene in one night. You need to practice the steps below every night for several weeks, if not months before you wreak the benefits. I'm not promising in this technological age it is going to be easy but the pay off is huge. 1️⃣ Set yourself a regular bedtime and wake up time and stick to it. Keep your timings the same on the weekend it at all possible. Late nights and midday lie ins on a weekend can undo all the hard work we put into the week. The result? We are constantly playing catch up! 2️⃣ Have your last caffeinated drink no later than 1pm; 2 at a push. That includes teas, coffees and fizzy pop. Switch to decaf alternatives thereafter 3️⃣ Set yourself a screen curfew. An hour before bed unplug yourself from all screens, phones, tablets, laptops and TVs. Make sure you introduce a screen ban in the bedroom 4️⃣ 30mins-1hr before bed curl up with a book, a magazine or meditate. Give your brain the cues that it is wind down time before bed 5️⃣ Exercise; preferably not too close to bed as this can be counterproductive but exercise is proven to help sleep. 6️⃣ Make sure you expose yourself to as much daylight in the day as you can. Sounds obvious but this is crucial for our circadian rhythm, that internal body clock that regulates our sleep/wake cycles. Happy 😴 #sleepwell #sleep #cantsleepwontsleep #cantsleep #exercise #movemore #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #feelingdown #gym #bankholiday #monday
  22. E X E R C I S E x M E N T A L H E A L T H | blowing away the bank holiday cobwebs. Exercise is the most under-utilised anti-depressant there is. In fact evidence shows that in mild depression, exercise is MORE effective than antidepressants or talking therapies. I prescribe it regularly in clinic, to all my patients, encompassing everything from the walk downstairs or out to the garden for someone who is socially isolated to a routine of 3-4 times a week at the gym to the competing at a school team level or higher. I have exercised regularly since I started medical school, for the last 15 years. Would you believe it if I said my reasons were not purely for aesthetic reasons? Exercise has been shown (and I have certainly reaped the benefits) to 1️⃣ improve mood 2️⃣ reduce stress 3️⃣ alleviate anxiety 4️⃣ improve cognition and memory 5️⃣ increase focus and concentration 6️⃣ increase energy and motivation levels 7️⃣ aid sleep 8️⃣ boost self esteem, confidence and self worth to name but a few.  #exercise #movemore #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #feelingdown #gym #bankholiday #gymlife #monday
  23. C O S M E T I C S U R G E R Y | great feature in today's @youmagsocial covering the reality and shedding the spot light on the rise in cosmetic procedures in young men and women, particularly the vulnerable 17-24 age group. As a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist I am certainly seeing a worrying rise in the young people I see who struggle with self esteem, body image and/or may have features of depression, anxiety, eating disorders and even body dysmorphia. They often have already started researching cosmetic procedures online triggered by watching reality TV, their Instagram highlight reel or the media. The only barrier to them accessing this? Their age and parental consent. What happens when they come of age, when they turn 18 and suddenly they are open and able to consent to a catalogue of procedures? And invariably no-one ever stops at just one of the procedure particularly if they do not address the underlying emotional issues at play.#selfesteem #loveisland #lipfillers #aesthetic #looks #megan #bodydysmorphia #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #mentalhealthawareness #sunday
  24. S U P P O R T | if you or someone you know is struggling with their mental health, do not struggle in silence. There is support available over the bank holiday whether you are known to services or not. @heads_together have helpfully put a list of charity contacts from whom you can access support over the bank holiday. If you are worried that you or someone you know is at imminent risk of harm because of how you feel then do not hesitate go to A&E or contact emergency services (if you are struggling due to distress to get yourself or them there). This will enable you to be assessed by a trained healthcare professional. Disclaimer: I cannot answer any requests for individual advice on this platform. It is meant for educational purposes and is in no way intended to replace usual channels or advice from your health care professional. Please refer to my disclaimer within my highlights. Be wary of anyone who is willing to give bespoke advice to you over the gram when they have not met you, appropriately assessed you or are aware of the entirety of your physical and mental health history.#mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #loveisland #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #the5sensestoolkit #mentalhealthawareness #themindmedic #the5sensesplan #anxiety #stress #keepcalm #relax #sunday #bankholiday
  25. M A N A G I N G E M O T I O N S | ever struggle in the heat of the moment, the peak of your anxiety, the depths of your despair to remember what things normally would help calm you down and help you feel more yourself? Me too. Whenever I see someone in clinic, one of the things I ask them is what they keep in their toolkit. Keeping all those tried and tested strategies in one place means all you need to remember when you've had a bad day at work, you're feeling anxious after an argument or you are generally feeling out of sorts is to go to it, your 5 senses toolkit. I focus on 5 senses in my toolkit. Look back a my Instagram TV video to refresh your memory of how to set one up. In brief, each strategy inherently focus on each of your 5 senses. What is in yours?#healthanxiety #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #loveisland #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #the5sensestoolkit #mentalhealthawareness #themindmedic #the5sensesplan #anxiety #stress #keepcalm #relax #friday #bankholiday
  26. M E D I C A T I O N | Thank you @metronewspaper for focusing on such an important topic. As a Child Psychiatrist, often by the time young people come to see me in clinic following referral by their GP, things may have gone downhill considerably that the only safe option is to prescribe medication. Often they may face further waits to access critical psychological therapies. We need more staff. I saw a young teen recently who had seen 8 different doctors and prescribed 10 medications in the last 18 months, all of which hadn't helped. The first thing I did? Take him off his medication. I now support him in sessions psychologically whilst he awaits more intense individual work. Medication is not always the answer and in this case it wasn't. That being said, there are of course cases where people need to be prescribed medication to help with their difficulties alongside an evidence based talking therapy. What I am talking about here is inappropriate use of medication and forgetting about the more crucial psychological support!#mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #mentalhealthawareness #themindmedic #friday #bankholiday
  27. N O T A H A S H T A G | The last 12-18 months has been fantastic for raising awareness of mental health. We are definitely as a society talking more about it. People in the public eye are sharing their experiences and wanting to hear from individuals affected by mental illness whether personally or be that they have looked after or supported someone with their own mental health struggles. People affected are finding their voice. Shared experiences, blogs, podcasts and memoirs on social media are providing a sense of community, a sense that 'we are all in this together'. So what is the next step? For me logically, it is about action. I have had several meetings in the last couple of months which have been instigated by a mental health hashtag; with me trying to move the conversation forward. The result? People are often too frightened of taking it that step further. For them there is something safe about a hashtag that says 'I understand mental health' but something unfamiliar/alien to thinking about how we remedy our mental health crises. The premise often workshops, the book, this platform came from my desire to move the conversation forward. Who is with me?! #notjustahashtag #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #mentalhealthawareness #themindmedic #thursday #thursdaythoughts
  28. R E S U L T S | with #gcseresults soon upon us, the nerves of not only the young people I see but other 16 year olds up and down the country is palpable. This evening I will be uploading my Instagram Live from last week on how to cope if things don't go your way. In brief, these are my 5 top tips to make the experience a bit more manageable. 1️⃣ acknowledge your emotion. Sounds obvious but you would be surprised how many people do not communicate their anxiety to those around them. Nerves are to be expected but are your nerves as a result of added external pressure, expectations of family and friends for you to perform. If so, talk to them. 2️⃣ Put your worries to bed. Literally. I actively encourage people to keep a mind dump diary by their bedside table so you are not going to bed fraught with anxiety and panic. Scribble down everything that is running through your mind on a piece of paper or a journal if you have one. It is incredibly cathartic 3️⃣ Avoid caffeine this evening and tomorrow morning. You will be feeling anxious enough as it is. Your heart will be racing. You will have butterflies. What you don't need is for caffeine to exacerbate how you are feeling 4️⃣ Avoid social media and opening results Live on TV tomorrow morning. Comparison is the thief of joy. You need only focus on how you have done. Drawing comparison with your peers will fuel feelings of self esteem and feelings of inadequacy 5️⃣ Be prepared. Plan tomorrow morning. Make sure you know where you are going to collect your results. Have someone you trust with you. Have the college numbers to hand if entry to them depends on your grades.Arrange to meet friends later in the day so there isn't the pressure to put a face on things immediately when things perhaps haven't gone your way. And finally good luck. Remember your success in life is not solely based on how you performed on one day.#examresults #resultsday2018 #gcseresults #alevelresults #healthymind #health #healthy #wellbeing #wellness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalwellbeing #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthymindhealthybody #childhealth #mumsofinsta #dadsofinstagram #parentingishard #wednesday #wednesdaymotivation
  29. M E N T A L H E A L T H | I could not have said this better myself @rosenior_liam23 Did you tune in to The Debate @skysports  Young men often scouted in their teens, under huge amount of scrutiny and pressure to perform. Decisions made for them for the best part of their career. What psychological support do we offer players to manage all this?Furthermore, when the decision is made to retire what responsibility do we, the FA, the football club, have to help hem adjust to the everyday? It is likely that symptoms of depression, anxiety will ensue perhaps even a grief reaction for the loss of their career and the lifestyle it evokes. We can all argue that this is the decision they made and therefore should accept what is thrown at them. But we all have mental health. We all deserve to have optimal mental health and when we are struggling all deserve access to the right sort of support. I think regular psychological support should be integral to the game from signing a player up to post retirement.#stress #mentalhealth #menshealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #health #healthy #healthymind #mind #mindfulness #eatwell #sleepwell #movemore #mentalhealthawareness #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #wednesday #football #wednesdaythoughts
  30. T U N E I N | Tomorrow Night. Good to see @bbc2 shedding the spotlight on the reality of suicide. It remains the biggest killer of our young men. I have seen boys as young as 7 who struggle with thoughts of suicide. I certainly am seeing as many boys come through the door of my clinic as girls, so clearly something is resonating. Perhaps  improving our conversation around mental health has meant that more of us are aware of how mental illness can affect the male sex. But can we confidently say that we are seeing the benefits on the ground? Even after asking for help, can we say that everyone is accessing the resources needed. Waiting lists seem to be ever growing and there remains national shortages of key manpower resources and issues with getting people interested in working within mental health. We need more mental health support workers, nurses, psychologists and doctors on the ground to deliver the interventions needed.#stress #mentalhealth #menshealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #health #healthy #healthymind #mind #mindfulness #eatwell #sleepwell #movemore #mentalhealthawareness #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #suicide #malesuicide #tuesday #tuesdaythoughts
  31. H O N E S T Y | Throwing it back to the @adweek panel where I spoke about mental health in the workplace. I am a huge advocate of honesty, particularly when it comes to mental health in the workplace. If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed with looming deadlines would you feel brave enough to approach your boss about it or would the fear of being overseen for a promotion, your capability questioned or even be let off prove all too much for you? One of the things I have learnt is quite often the fear of having a 'conversation about mental health in the workplace' is as much a fear for your employer as it is for you. This is why I developed my 3 Ws and H for conversations in the workplace. An example: it may be that your boss has given you an extra project to manage and it has made you feel more stressed and anxious which is impacting on your ability to concentrate and focus on the tasks you have at hand, it is affecting your sleep, you have no time to join your team for lunch which is ultimately affecting your morale and you are the last to leave the office and are barely getting any down time before you sleep (well atleast try to!) and repeat. So approach your boss. Sit down together. Tell them WHAT they can help you with, be specific! 'I am feeling overwhelmed with the latest project you have given me. I am able to manage the initial task but i feel the second has stretched me too thin' then identify WHO can help you with this? Perhaps you have identified someone that could jump on board with the second project or you and your employer can think of an alternative person to help out, thirdly HOW can they help you? They can help you by project managing the second and lastly WHY would it help. It would help because it would free you up to manage just the initial project then review!#wwhw #stress #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #health #healthy #healthymind #mind #mindfulness #eatwell #sleepwell #movemore #mentalhealthawareness #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #monday #mondaylunch
  32. B L U E S O R D E P R E S S I O N | I get asked this question a lot. We can all feel down now and again. We are living fast paced lives with a barely a moment to breathe let alone slow down. We may be going through changes in our friendships circle, a bereavement, a separation, feeling overwhelmed at work or being overseen for that promotion you were working so hard towards that can explain why we feel the way we do and sometimes there may not be an explanation at all. This is normal. There is no such thing as feeling ok 100% of the time and with social media capturing the ideals of everyone's day to day life through various platform reels you could almost convince yourself that a perfect existence does exist. In brief, when low mood persists for at least a couple of weeks and it impacts significantly on your day to day life so that is your family life, friendships or working life then it is worth seeing your doctor to have a chat about what can be done even if it is a watchful wait and you are called back in a week's time to check in at least that first conversation has been started up. #facefear. #mentalhealth #mentalwellbeing #wellbeing #wellness #healthymind #healthymindhealthybody #health #healthy #mind #mindfulness #mum #mothersofinstagram #healthylifestyle #lifestyle #dadsofinstagram #childhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #feelingdown #theblues #mondaymorningblues #monday
  33. P O S T T R A U M A | we only have to reflect on the events as recent as last week outside the Houses of Parliament to realise there are some unthinkable and horrific events occurring around us. From terrorist attacks to Grenfell to losing someone to being a victim of abuse to perhaps even surviving a road traffic accident. But how do we cope? Perhaps we don't? Does society place an expectation on us that we need to pick ourselves up and get on with things? Events like this and the impact they have can remain with us for the rest of our lives. We may struggle with our emotions. We may experience symptoms of depression and anxiety. Our sleep may be disturbed. We may experience flashbacks and nightmares that take us back to that time. We may avoid certain places for fear of it happening again. We may become socially isolated and even getting out of bed to get dressed let alone the front door to go to school or work seems too much of an obstacle to overcome. @arianagrande came under fire recently for her 'lack of promotion' of her recent music. If these experiences are true for your average joe, why should we expect her to be any different? #ptsd #posttraumatic  #anxiety #stress #anxietymanagement #healthymind #health #healthy #wellbeing #wellness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalwellbeing #lifestyle #healthylifestyle #healthymindhealthybody #sunday #sundaymorning #arianagrande